Lessons in Leadership - Episode #5 with Mayor of Guelph, Cam Guthrie

Season #1 Episode #5

If one seeks the positive lessons of a true servant leader, this is the podcast for you. Mayor Cam Guthrie of Guelph defines Servant Leadership in a public setting. He has to, he has 140 000 customers, called citizens, who can fire him every election year.
Come behind the scenes as Cam shares where his passion for service comes from,  why he is such an advocate for social media, and how he keeps it all together for himself and his family in such a high profile leadership role. 
From retail, to insurance, to city councilor, to the mayor's office what are the leadership ties that bind his career.
Learn how a failure was a learning opportunity in disguise that led him to today.
Cam believes in being himself, transparent yet professional and an educator to his citizens on how to move the city forward together.
Cam is accessible, a champion for our city, a leader that serves, and one bad ass drums player who has mastered social media.
You are going to love this one. Cam for Premier? Prime Minister? You never know, there is no doubting we need more leaders like Cam Guthrie.