Lessons in Leadership - Episode # 8 with Anton Wimmer, Senior Director of Sales at Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment

Season #1 Episode #8

How does one start at a junior sales position at one of the worlds largest, and most respected, sports and entertainment companies to progress to a position of  Senior Director of Sales for that same organization?

It starts by putting others first. Learn from Anton about his journey to date. 

He credits previous leaders who  have taught him that :
" no one is too tall to pick up the luggage" and "leaders lift"

Also learn about how his family have  influenced his leadership journey.

Finally,  Anton will share with you part of his leadership philosophy with great nuggets like : 
"Inverse the Org Chart"

What a  classy gentleman and a leader who will surely reach the  top while helping to carry the luggage with his team towards that destination.

The world needs more Anton.

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