Sales Behaviour and Prospecting Training

$149.99 CAD

Finally, a course that will teach you the most important behaviors for succeeding in sales. This course will change the way you see the world of sales but more importantly how your prospects and clients will see, and value, you.

This course includes:
  • 5 Video Lessons (4.5 hours of content)
  • 1 Worksheet

Course Modules

This course is composed of five key training modules that will teach you:
  1. How to research and prepare for connecting with prospects. 
  2. How to find out what the customer values so you can differentiate yourself. 
  3. How to take your customer from interested to fully engaged.
  4. How to acquire a client while setting up long-term retention strategies.
  5. How to overcome objections at any point in the sales and prospecting process.

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