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What makes a great boss?

boss business coaching connection meeting how to be a good boss how to lead people leadership Dec 07, 2021

Over the years I've had the great fortune to work with a ton of talented people in all different realms of client service.  Having the privilege to lead a team of smart, driven individuals is truly the best part about work life.  But what makes you a great leader?  Why do people want to work for you?  I've had feedback that people like working for me (albeit I'm sure there are certain times they don't) but for the most part I strive to make people feel valued and heard, and that's what people want.

As someone who has worked professionally with Marc, I know many people think the same of him.  I've heard it from so many past colleagues that Marc is the best boss they've ever worked for.  Why?  Because he keeps them accountable through his defined leadership process and digs in to help too by carrying his own workload.  You see, your team needs to see that you're putting in the time too ... that you're delegating what you can to them while still keeping ownership of your own work.  This translates in all levels of business, even if you're a newly promoted manager with one intern reporting to you.  You've gotta dig your feet in too.

In Marc's 5 Anchors of Servant Leadership he stresses the Connection Meeting.  If you want to be a great boss, take it beyond the walls of the office.  Does your employee have a family? What are their interests outside of work?  Do they have a spouse?  Where do they live?  All of those pieces to getting to know your team will allow you to build trust with them.  Once they know you trust them and are interested in their life and their impact on your organization, they will be more motivated to perform at work.

Building off the connection meeting and checking in your weekly one on one's allows you the time and space to re-connect and keep building that trust.  Now this doesn't mean things are light and fluffy all the time!  But if you're building a trusted relationship with that person, those tough conversations that may need to be had about work actually become less personal and more business.  They'll know you're holding them accountable to the pieces of their role that they need to deliver on but the trust building also let's them know they're valued and listened to.  

And guess what?  If you're the boss and you don't know something, go to the people who do!  Admit to not knowing and seeking support!  To me that is certainly what makes a great boss.  People on your own team may actually know more than you about specific tactical pieces of your work, so asking them for help in understanding allows them to see you're human too and that you want to learn.  It's reciprocal!

That's my two cents!  People like working for Marc because he listens and gets to know them.  What makes a great boss?  He holds people accountable to the results they need to bring and he's not afraid to have the tough conversations either.  But because he's built that trust, his teams want to do well by him, support him and ultimately watch the business grow and succeed.  True servant leadership right there.  Adding in small nuggets of appreciation through rewards or just words of affirmation

If you're an individual who needs some support in how to approach leadership in your own work, I'd encourage you to take Marc's Online Servant Leadership Training Course.  It's a total steal at $79.99 (maybe work will even let you expense it as training or personal development?) and gives you 5 modules to work through that you can easily refer back to at any time!  Snag it easily here:  It's a great tool to keep in your back pocket to reference as you go and I promise it will only add to your professional growth!

Here I talk a bit about what that means:


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